Resin Frankincense Processed Filtrate

Aromatic gum resins contain volatile oils used extensively in applications such as incense and aromatherapy. Valued in ancient times for its medicinal properties, resins are still recognized for its potential even today.

Resins are obtained from trees of the Boswellia family. Used from as early as 1500 BC, the dried resin of the frankincense tree has several applications. A permeating scent with positive aura, burning the crystalized pieces has peaceful, meditative and stress-relieving properties.

Resin tapping for harvesting is done a few times a year, through a refined and dedicated process. Renowned for its historic legacy, resins have been historically used for treatment of several ailments, such as throat infections, asthma management, tumour growth, ulcers and relief from fever symptoms.

A by-product of resin processing, resin frankincense processed chunks have a multitude of health benefits and its texture makes it very desirable for use in several of the applications detailed above.

Ethically Sourced, Organic Certified

100% Natural Products

Raw products are obtained from the wild jungles of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania where we work hand in hand with the local communities.