Nagaad Resins and Gums

Nagaad Resins and Gums is a company run by a team of efficient professionals backed by highly motivated staff working together to create a sustainable future. With its ‘one-for-all’ business model, the company has successfully become a modern Social Enterprise that gives back to the communities it interacts with. The major role the Nagaad team plays is assisting communities in building a resilient future while safeguarding their environment sustainably. The fact that the team works tirelessly to meet the needs and expectations of the communities and clients is a testament to that.

A Brief History of Nagaad and Our Strong Business Background

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) began in the late 1940s as a family business in rural Somalia. It was based on naturally and sustainably harvesting resins and gums from various tree species; as a means of adding value to the communities while conserving the environment and providing a steady source of income. With harvesting taking place across the country, the business progressed considerably until the late 1980s.

Unfortunately, the business had to be put on hold in the early 1990s. The primary reason was the advent of the civil war in Somalia, as it was no longer safe to travel and source for resins and gums. However, after more than two decades, Nagaad Gums re-opened for business in 2015. The Company is now a true Social Enterprise with the advancement of their communities as their priority: a business that “works with the communities and for the communities”.

“We are the only company of its kind in East Africa which sells bulk resins, gums, and essential oils.”

What We Do

We are the only company of its kind in East Africa which sells organic resins, gums, and essential oils. Our products are all wildly crafted, with no preservatives & 100% certified organic, obtained naturally from the stem of various precious trees. With licenses to collect resins and gums from all regions of Eastern Africa, we have developed a wide network of partnership amongst many communities that harvest the resins and gums. We are the only company in East Africa who can provide top quality resins, gums & essential oils. We are also a member of the Network for National Gums and Resins in Africa (NGARA) and have all necessary regulatory licenses for collection and production of gums and resins.

Our Story

Nagaad Gums, having inherited the business from our ancestors, began in the late 1940s as a family business in rural Somalia, naturally harvesting resins and gums from various tree species as a means of adding value to the communities while conserving the environment and providing a sustainable income source. Our business grew considerably up until the late 1980’s with harvesting taking place across the country.

The business was forced to close its doors at the advent of the civil war in Somalia in the early 1990’s as it was no longer possible to safely move around the country and source the raw product. In 2015, after more than 20 years, Nagaad Gums re-opened for business, and under the tutelage of the founders the next generation have learnt and further researched the business and taken over the mantle.

Communities throughout East Africa are being mobilized to help form a community-based business that now incorporates state of the art modern production facilities, and developed supply chains and distribution centers.

In the initial years after restarting Nagaad Gums developed community initiatives to educate the people in order to reduce or prevent logging of the precious trees, explaining to these communities that the trees are in themselves far more valuable standing than being cut. This has been a challenge in itself as the company research identified 22 uses for the trees outside of resins and gum harvesting. These include fuel wood, charcoal trade, animal fencing, and use in construction. In many locations Nagaad Gums has now further developed the networks and curbed logging, however the work is continuous and far from complete.

To evolve with the ever-changing dynamics in the region Nagaad Gums had to re-engineer its management team, purchase top of the range processing facilities for the resins and gums and develop a uniquely designed “essential oils” processing factory. Nagaad Gums is constantly reviewing the supply chain by decentralizing the distribution networks while still acquiring more knowledge from the sector. Nagaad Gums has developed overseas partnerships as well as forming joint venture investment programs with professionals long associated with the resin and gum business.

Nagaad Gums is now proud to have transformed into a modern Social Enterprise Business that not only works with the communities but for the communities, to assist in building a better more resilient and sustainable future alongside taking a role helping safe guard and care for the environment.

100% Certified Organic Products, Available for Wholesale