Our Facilities

Our operations are centralized with a processing factories in different regions, serving the entire world from these central locations. The factory utilizes state of the art technologies and is equipped with in-house EU accredited laboratory facilities which carry out the requisite tests and analysis to ensure high quality products that meet and even surpass international standards. A second processing factory is in the planning for Somalia.

The laboratory equipment installed in our facility is GC/MS, FID and is uniquely designed to suit the processing of 100% pure essential oils. The methods of extraction employed include steam and hydro distillation as well as combined steam distillation. The efficiency and flexibility of our plant facilities is changing the dynamics of resin & gum supply in Eastern Africa.

We use Chain of Custody (COC) to encompass the entire process right from harvesting to the end users of the products. Our business model uses ancient skills, and blends these with modern technologies to produce products of extraordinary value and quality. We are proud to claim that the resins and gums are traceable from harvesting to the finished products. The COC process elaborately details each step including the equipment used, safety procedures, training, record keeping, and audits. The aim of the COC process is to ensure sustainability of the products, traceability of the products, safety of the products, and finally the highest quality and standards of the products.

Naturally Grown Resins and Gums