The Community

Nagaad Resins and Gums as the name “Resins and Gums” suggests is an authentic Social Enterprise Company that deals with natural resins and gums which are found in the woody elements of some plants or their seed coatings. The name ‘Nagaad’ was derived from the terms of “resilience and tolerance to find tranquility among hardships”, whether from drought or tribal warfare, that its founding ancestors contended with and of which forced them to move from one place to another in search of food and pasture for their livestock. Nagaad can also be used to describe the trees and plants from which the resins and gums are derived as all grow in the harsh savannah and arid areas of the region.

The business was found in 1940s by our ancestors who were a part of the community, and since then the community has continued to play a key role in making the business successful. The transformation of Nagaad Resins and Gums from a traditional community business into a modern business incorporating the community is a result of the initiative to acquire greater skills and knowledge from abroad and bring these skills home.

“Nagaad is a local name meaning resilience and tolerance to find tranquility among hardships.”

Creating Community Awareness

Deforestation is at crisis levels worldwide with half of the world’s forests already having disappeared and only 20% of the remaining forests being considered as “intact”. Forests are one of the lungs of the planet and act as a major carbon sink and releaser of oxygen. The forests in the savannah and arid regions of Eastern Africa have suffered no less and have been overexploited and in areas devastated through logging and the charcoal trade. These forests stabilise and enrich the soils, prevent desertification, provide livestock and wildlife feed, contribute to maintaining suitable conditions for agricultural production, and provide income, shade and shelter to communities.

Nagaad Resins and Gums is offering communities a viable alternative to the logging and charcoal trade through sustainable harvesting of the organic resins and gums in order to preserve the trees and forests of the savannahs and arid regions. Nagaad Resins and Gums has taken the initiative to create awareness on the importance of the conservation of the trees and is accomplishing this by reaching out to the local administrative units such as chiefs, religious leaders, and local government bodies. This is being done by visiting home sites, working stations, watering points, and during community festivals such as feast gatherings.

The communities and leaders are being educated on the traditional and now more modern theories of inter-dependence of the local trees; that is the trees depend on each other and have an inter-connectivity, so when some species are logged, the other species will suffer or not survive. Additionally, Nagaad Resins and Gums emphasises on a very simple principle that will help enable communities obtain a sustainable income, conserve the environment, and at the same time preserve the trees. This principle is termed as 3G. “Go Get the Gum”.

Naturally Grown Resins and Gums