Why Nagaad Gums & Resins?

We are a community based social enterprise company which produces wildly crafted resins and gums, and 100% pure essential oils from the raw products obtained from the wild jungles of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Nagaad is proud to be the only company in the world who is 100% certified organic and also specializes in frankincense.

Our products are analyzed by industry experts in our well-equipped laboratory facilities to ensure they meet the international market standards. We work hand in hand with the communities from where the raw products are sourced, and believe in the importance of nature, and the community, in every step of the way.

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Nagaad Organics Resins & Gums - Harvest to Finished products

“Nagaad is a local name meaning resilience and tolerance to find tranquility among hardships.”

Natural and Wholesome

100% Certified Organic Essential Oils

The raw essence of top quality resources harvested fresh from East Africa, with a legacy spanning over several decades.

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100% Certified Organic


Natural and Ethical

Wildly Crafted Natural Resins and Gums

Raw products are obtained from the wild jungles of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania where we work hand in hand with the local communities.

100% Certified Organic



We are Unique

We are proud to mention that we are the real inhabitants of the areas where the trees grow and we are specialists in the resins, gums and essential oils as these ancient skills have been passed down to us by our forefathers.

In ancient days the resins, gums and the oils were used for traditional aromatherapy and medicines alongside religious ceremonies. Nagaad Gums has now blended the ancient skills with modern technologies to collect, extract and process the resins, gums and the essential oils from the wildly grown trees.

Our processing factory is specially designed and equipped along with a modern laboratory to ascertain the purity and other quality parameters of our products. Our experts ensure our products are guaranteed for purity and quality.