Opoponax Resin (Commiphora guidotti)

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Opoponax Resin (Commiphora guidotti)

This is resin obtained from naturally and wildly growing trees commonly known as Opoponax (Opopanax) and the true name of Commiphora guidotti. The consumable resin can be naturally collected or in some cases extracted.

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The Nagaad Resins and Gums Opoponax resin is composed of three grades which are identifiable as grade A, B, C, but in essence the three grades are a result of the different regions that the Commiphora guidotti trees grow.

The resin is naturally obtained and traditionally considered to be medicinally active. The main commercial application of Opoponax is in the perfumery and cosmetics sectors. Though people often find the taste acrid and bitter, the highly flammable resin can also be burned as incense to produce a scent somewhat like balsam or lavender. The resin has also been used in the treatment of spasms and, before that, as an emmenagogue in the treatment of asthma, chronic visceral infections, hysteria and hypochondria.

The Opoponax resin is 100% organic and pure and is free from any contamination. The plants all grow naturally and wildly and Nagaad Resins and Gums employs sustainable harvesting and safe transportation techniques. The end products are counter-checked for quality before being released into the market.

Use: Aromatherapy, Perfumery and Cosmetics, Medicinal Therapy’s

Wildly crafted, no preservatives, 100% organic, obtained by tapping the stem of the Opoponax plant species to release the resin.

100% pure product by Nagaad Resins and Gums. Processed and packaged in Kenya.

Additional information

Country of origin

Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia

Extraction process

Naturally Harvested

Method of cultivation

Wild and Natural

Part of plant used

Tree resin